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Thrill Seekers

Experience the ups and downs, twists and turns of the Kielder ZipCoaster, Europe’s 1st AvatarOne™, dare to fly on the King Swing, relish the confidence that comes from mastering the 15 metre High Ropes Course or learn to paddle and sail on the stunning Kielder Water.

Visit for the day and try one of our Activity Packages or book an Activity Holiday to experience a range of land and water based activities with family and friends.

On Land…

Kielder ZipCoaster

After hearing about the ZipCoaster in Florida, we couldn’t wait to bring Europe’s 1st AvatarOne™ to Kielder. The patented technology mimics the ups, downs, twists and turns of a rollercoaster and the free-flying sensation of a zip wire to give riders the ultimate experience.

Using an adapted roller coaster rail, the custom-built ‘Kielder ZipCoaster’ sees thrill-seekers harnessed into a seated position as they glide amongst the trees, dipping and twisting at speeds of up to 20mph.

But we wanted more…and now we have the 1st Wheelchair Accessible AvatarOne™ in Europe. The straight through vertical lift, makes access to the 5m high launch platform possible for wheelchair users and those who are unable to climb stairs. Transfer is by hoists, which are available on the launch and landing platforms.

For those who like to know the technical stuff;

The ride is 197.6mtr long with 8 Vertical Elements and 3 Horizontal Elements, including a 270-degree turn and a 3m free-fall drop. There are 14 poles ranging from 9m to 15m in height. The start tower is 10m high and the ride drops approximately 13m from start to finish. There is 3.5km of steel cable, 3000 steel cable clamps and over 30 tonnes of concrete – phew!

High Ropes Course

Make your way around the 7 elements of the High Ropes course. Do the Elvis walk, scramble over the cargo net, take the leap of faith and jump off at the end – but don’t worry you’ll descend safely to terra firma. 

King Swing

The 10 metres high, 100kph adrenaline-fuelled King Swing. Once you’re snug in your harness we’ll hoist you as high as you like, then you pull the release cord and start screaming!

Low Ropes Course

Closer to the ground than high ropes but you still need to balance your way around the tricky low course – a great confidence builder before you tackle the big one! 

Climbing & Abseiling

Conquer the outdoor climbing and abseil tower or come rain or shine, reach the top and plant your flag on the summit of the indoor climbing wall – king of the mountain.

Zip Wire

Jump off the climbing tower and zip across Cranecleugh Burn for a thrilling adrenalin rush – earn your flying colours. 


Strike gold in the forest archery range and imagine you are William Tell – apples not included.

Axe Throwing

Try your hand at our newest target sport. Sling some axes, attempt to hit the bullseye and cheer on your friends – before the end of the session you’ll be sinking axes like a pro! 

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Just like clay pigeon shooting but with lasers. Hit the targets and see your points add up on the electronic scoreboard – catch that pigeon now!

Velcro Olympics

A fun obstacle course with the added interest of tackling the Velcro-covered obstacle walls whilst wearing a Velcro suit. Will you stick to the task? 

Golf Buggies

Sit back and enjoy a ride though Kielder Forest and along the Lakeside Way for spectacular views of Kielder Water and close encounters with the local wildlife.


Head out across the wild Northumberland landscape to learn map and compass skills. 


A mixture of treasure hunting and orienteering, using GPS units to guide you to find the ‘cache’ to open and log your visit.


Learn how to build a shelter, light a fire, brew your own cuppa or even bake your own bannock in the outdoors. 

On Kielder Water…


Learn the basics of canoeing in our Canadian canoes. Paddle and get close to nature in the sheltered and secluded bays of Kielder Water.


Get to grips with sailing in the stable and easy to handle Windrider Trimaran or Pico’s or cruise along with friends in ‘The Sylvia Adams’ – the most fun you’ll have on the water.

Sit-on-top Kayaks

Experience the comfort and freedom of our sit-on-top kayaks, similar to their traditional counterparts, but instead of sitting inside the kayak, you sit in a moulded-in depression on top for a splashing time! 

Motor Boat

All aboard ‘Happy Days’ or ‘Sara J’ our easy access motor cruisers.

How to Book

Please note that availability of activities is subject to capacity, weather conditions and staffing.

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