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Direct Appeals

To make sure our service is available to people of all walks of life, we try to keep our prices as affordable as we can. This means we have a funding gap of between £300k and £400k every year which we need to meet from fundraising. Our regular benefactors and donors never let us down and through their generosity we have been delivering our life-changing activities for over 35 years.


At this time of great concern for us all, we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are in good health.

We are enormously proud of our role supporting disabled adults and children, their families and carers, and the positive impact Calvert Kielder has had on the lives of so many. We are determined that come what may, we will go on to enrich and transform the lives of disabled people today and long into the future.

But in order to do this we need your help now to get through this challenging time. Can you help us raise £25,000 over the next two months to help fund our services?  Your help today will mean we are here for our beneficiaries today, tomorrow and long into the future.


 With my grateful thanks and appreciation for your generous and continued support.